Let me and my powers help you with all matters in your life. I can guide you in the right direction and help you manifest your dreams and desires

Hello, I'm Peaches, I've been helping other's with my psychic abilities for over 25 plus years. I'm happy to be able to help you in all areas of your Life.

I use my Clairvoyance,Tarot Card's and Astrology, the Runes and Angel Cards. The cards act as a focal point, and help me with my gifts.

Let me help you get in touch with your Guides and Angels! I've taken many workshop's in Tarot, Palmistry, and Astrology, and I have an indepth education in Psychology and Parapsychology (The Study of ESP and other related Psychic Phenomena).

I look forward to speaking with you - don't wait - call me today!                                                                                                                469-931-3392 or e-mail me at psychicpeaches01.pm.pm@gmail.com

Crystal Ball Reading - $35,00 

Psychic reading - $45,00

Tarot card reading - $65,00

Spiritual reading - $85,00

love spell - $100,00

candle reading $150,00

chakra balance - $500,00 

deep spiritual cleansing - $750,00

Readings spells and candle purchasing

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